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Freeride and ski tours with guide in Khibiny, Russia

There are some variants of freeride or ski tours with local guide in Khibiny mountains:


  • Freeride with using snowmobiles or ski lifts. Less time is spent for logistics, more time on your skis or splitboard, without long walking. Ski-tour equipment's not required.

  • Guided ski-tour routes. Autonomous Itineraries with considerable volume of walks. You can stay in town or in mountain hut with all necessary facilities. Ski-tour or splitboard equipment is required.


About me


My name is Sergey Shestikhin.

I’m a guide and professional photographer. Was born in Kirovsk,

began skiing at age three. Trained in ski school. Multiple champion of

Freeride Khibiny Open Cup. Go skiing a lot and with pleasure. Wrote

the «Khibiny freeride guidebook» and put it in free access on my website. 


I hold on freeride and ski-tour programs from December till June.

Completed CAA Avalanche Operation Level 1, Ski Guide Course,

Alpine Skills Course in RMGA according to international standards. 

At the moment i'm ski guide in Russian Mountain Guide Association

and instructor of avalanche and ski guide courses. 


My interests - beautiful and complex lines, extreme photography.


Applications and questions send to e-mail:

Ski tour and mountain guide Serge Shestikhin. Russia. Khibiny
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