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FAQ about Kirovsk and Khibiny

Where the Khibiny Mountains are located?

The Khibiny Mountains located above the Polar Circle in Murmansk region, Russia. Nearest town - Kirovsk, in southern part of Khibiny. Kirovsk has a lot of hotels, plenty of cafe, two ski resorts and situated in surrounding of Mountains. Kirovsk historically is a town of mine workers, but it is becoming a popular ski resort in Russia. 

Also Khibiny are particularly one of the best regions in Russia for ski touring and freeride.

Write to if you need any help for planning your visit to Kirovsk
What about slopes and season? 

The Khibiny are not particulary high (900-1200 m.), but possess all the qualities of big mountains dangers: low temperatures and strong winds, sudden weather changes and considerable avalanche danger. You can find all kinds of slopes in Khibiny - from the easiest to steep. Average vertical drop - 450-520 m. There are no glaciers and altitude sickness, but you should be ready for short daytime during Polar night period in December. On the other hand, we have a rather long day in March, April and May. The season for skiing and ski touring lasts from December to the middle of May. From December till March you can be lucky to see the Polar Lights in Khibiny. Also in December and January our unique flat mountains have extremly beautiful pink and red colours.   

How can I get to the Khibiny? 

The most short and fast way from Europe to the Khibiny takes not more than one day.

You should buy a ticket to Moscow or Saint Petersburg, than fly to airport Apatity by Severstal aircompany. You shouldn't pay for skiing equipment, but overall luggage weight should be less than 20 kg. When you get to the airport,  you can take a bus or taxi to Kirovsk and you'll get to your hotel in 30 minutes. 

Also you can fly to Murmansk Airport by Aeroflot air company. Usually there are no additional fee for skiing equipment. Way from Murmansk to Kirovsk will take a 3 hours by taxi or 3.5 by bus. 

To save some money you can order a taxi in advance, or use a bus from Murmansk to Kirovsk. Taxi from Murmansk airport to Kirovsk will cost 60-70 euro, bus from Murmansk to Kirovsk will cost 10 euro. 

You can tell us your arriving time an we'll help you with transfer. 

Where I can stay? 

The most popular hotel in Kirovsk is Severnaya Hotel. It is situated in the center of town.

If you like to cook yourself, you can choose a Powder apart-hotel.

If you want to live close to mountains with a good swimming pull, you can choose a Tirvas hotel. All of them you can find at


You should ready that not all receptionists know English, so prepare a paper with booking confirmation. 

Where the ski resorts are located in Kirovsk?

BigWood ski resort has 7 lifts (t-bar, chairlift and gondola), wide slopes, ski rental, children rooms, cafe, bar. You can easily get to it from the town, Olimpiyskaya street. A daily skipass costs 23$. Highest point - 1047 m. 


Kukisvumchorr ski resort has 3 T-bar lifts and more steep slopes with wide opportunities for freeride. It is located in Kukisvumchorr district. Better to take a taxi. A daily skipass costs 20$. Highest point - 900 m. 

Bigwood ski resort. Kirovsk. Khibiny
Kukisvumchorr ski resort. Kirovsk. Khibiny
How can I take part in ski tour program or find a guide for freeride?

Khibiny Mountain Club offers different kinds of guided ski tours.

The most popular is "Classical Khibiny ski tour". You can fill the form and take a part in guided ski tours with the expierenced local guide Sergey Shestikhin. Also we have a program in Elbrus region - Glacier travel.

You can order a day or several days for guided freeride with snowmobiles. In this case you can also fill a for and we'll contact you.

Olga Kubareva will help you to organise a trip and provide a cultural program. It can be beautiful Snow Village, impressive geological museum or Botanical Garden. Also we'll give you some advises about local cuisine and apreski:)

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