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March 1 - 7, 2021 

March 28 - April 3, 2021


Classical ski tour program for experienced riders in Khibiny Mountains, Russia. Considerable volume of ski-tour ascents, radical relief and non-decorative freeride. Included the climb to the highest peak of Khibiny Yuduchvumchorr Mount; descent in Orlinuy Couloir, night at the mountain hostel. Snowmobile support for far located slopes is included too. One day of rest in case of bad weather. A week is organized in best way to rotate ski-tour and practise days. Amount of lectures is minimised. Instead of lectures - short practical advices during the program. Common conception of program stays invariable - small but chipper group, adequacy, environmental friendliness and enjoyment in all conditions


March 1 - 7, 2021 

March 28 - April 3, 2021


Professional level of participants and rules of group forming


This program is for confident skiers and skilful splitboarders who have

an experience in off-piste skiing, skills of work with ski-tour and avalanche equipment. 


The number of participants is limited. 5 clients + 1 guide.


It’s necessary to form a group with just about the same level. Participants should have enough skills for safe and pleasant freeride in our mountains. That’s why requests can be turned aside. 


A level of participant considered sufficient if it’s easy for him:

  • make a descent along the lifts in own temp without falls and stops (vertical drop 400 m)

  • make a 10-15 km walk or ski tour in average speed




Six days of skitouring and freeride, 1 day for rest. The itineraries will be corrected every day according to the weather and snow conditions. 5 days of ascents and descents from the Vud’yavrchorr, Tahtarvumchorr, Yuduchvumchorr, Poachvumchorr, Lovchorr Mounts. 2 days of skiing in the area of ski resorts for rest and practical trainings. 


Climbing and descent from the highest peak - Yuduchvumchorr Mount (1200 m.). Snowmobiles will be used for access. Night at the mountain hut Ramzay-Sever with the hot shower, breakfast and dinner. 


Intensity - two ascents and descents in average a day. Freeride around ski resorts area is limited only by energy of participants and schedule of ski resorts. 


Practise topics:


  • training algorithm of search for injured in avalanche

  • organization of rappelling to the start of descent line

Price: 530 EUR

Accommodation, transfer and meals

are not included


List of equipment for ski tour program:


1. Ski tour kit: 

- skis or split-board

- ski tour binding

- ski tour crampons

- climbing skins

- folding ski pole


2. Avalanche kit: 

- avalanche beacon

- avalanche probe

- shovel


3. First-aid kit

- bandage - 2 pieces

- adhesive plaster

- painkillers

- isothermal blanket


4. Individual equipment repair kit

- multitool

- reinforced adhesive tape

- cord 2-5 м


5. Backpack 30-45 L


6. Helmet


7. Ski mask


8. Sunglasses


9. Headlamp


10. Thermos


11. Spare warm clothes (down jacket or vest)


12. Spare ski gloves


13. Climbing harness


14. Carabiners - 2 pieces

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