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April 10-18 2021




"Skitour Caucasus" - ski touring and freeride on glaciers of Elbrus, Adul-Su, Adur-Su valleys. 


Ascent to the Elbrus (5642) is complicated because of ice above 4500 m, but snow line allows to ski from glaciers to valleys with vertical drop 1500 m. Program offers 7 days of ski touring and 3 days of rest (transfers between valleys, practical training on glaciers). It would be better to get there in advance for acclimatization and check-in. 



Location of routes:

Ski touring along Elbrus glaciers, in Adul-Su and Adur-Su valleys. 


Skiing volume:

We can ski from glaciers to the valleys with vertical drop 1500 m.


Routes length:

10-15 km with 1000 m. of ascent


Descent complexity: 

No extremal lines but you should be a confident enduring skier/splitboarder in all snow conditions.


Routes logistics: 

Ascent to the mountain hut, short glacier tour in the same day, night in hut. Next day: early start of route, skiing, descent and transfer to Terskol for full rest. 



April 10, 2021 -  April 18, 2021

Requests will be accepted till February 1st.


Professional level of participants and rules of group forming


The program supposes confident skiers and skilful splitboarders who have

an experience in off-piste skiing, skills of work with ski-tour and avalanche equipment. 


The number of participants is limited. 5-8 clients + 2 guides.


A level of participant considered sufficient if it’s easy for him:

make a descent along the lift in own temp, without falls and stops (vertical drop 400 m)

make a 10-15 km walk or ski-tour in average speed




You should get to Terskol, Elbrus region in advance for check-in. For better coordination we make a whats’app chat for all participants.


First day - meeting, induction training, equipment check, ski tour at the Elbrus slopes. 


Other 8 days - different ski touring routes:

First day - meeting, induction training, equipment check, ski tour at the Elbrus slopes. 

Other 8 days - different ski touring routes: 3 days in Adul-Su/Adur-Su, 3 days at Elbrus glaciers, 3 days of rest and transfers. Routes will be changed according to the weather and snow conditions.


We’ll live in Terscol, some nights we will spend in mountain huts with electricity, gas and beds. So you don’t need carry sleeping bags and tents.


Glacier travel supposes minimal belay gear kit. Guides will take rest of equipment  for safety margin. You don’t need especial mountaineering skills. We’ll make a training before routes. 




  • Sergey Shesrikhin

  • Alexey Kvasnikov / Michael Ryabchikov


Price - 580 Euro


Accommodation, transfer and meals

are not included


For booking a place in program you should pay a deposit 150 Euro, rest money - in first day of program. Deposit can be returned till 1 February. 


Additional personal costs (accommodation, transfers, ski passes and meals) will be approximately 250-270 Euro. 


List of equipment for ski-tour program:

  • skis or split-board

  • ski tour binding

  • ski tour crampons

  • climbing skins

  • folding ski poles

  • avalanche kit (avalanche beacon; probe, shovel)

  • harness

  • 2 carabiners with locking sleeve 

  • 2 carabiners without locking sleeve 

  • 2 cords (diameter 5-7 mm, length 2-5 m)

  • backpack 30-40 L with ski/snowboard binding

  • individual equipment repair kit (multitool, reinforced adhesive tape, cord)

  • ski mask

  • sunglasses

  • headlamp

  • thermos

  • spare warm clothes (down jacket or vest)

  • spare ski gloves

  • first-aid kit (bandage - 2 pieces, adhesive plaster, painkillers, isothermal blanket)

  • bowl, cup, spoon/fork for nights in mountain huts

Скитур с Сергеем Шестихиным в Приэльбрус
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